News for Lillie fans
BLESSINGS to you this day!
Lillie's mission: People need God in their lives! I'm hoping that this cd will soften hearts enough that those who need to know God loves them will discover that very fact! He's known us all since before we were born. He knows us so well, knows what we'll do in any given situation, and yet, He still loves us enough that He gave us the greatest gift of all in Jesus Christ!

Stay tuned for more upcoming concerts!​​
Lillie will have a new CD 
"Hymns for Today"
is FINALLY available!!!
Can be ordered through Tate Music Group (​

You may order a CD from this website. (information on "contact" page)​​

​ ​​
​L​ILLIE'S 2011 CD,
"​I'll Remember You"
online at

Sunday, July 28, 10:00am
Everton UMC
Main St. & Hill St.
Everton, AR. 72633​​

​​​​Monday, July 29,
6:30 pm
Bull Shoals UMC
1000 Lynette Ave.
Bull Shoals, AR. 72619​​​
870-445-4113 ​

Please play my song from my 2011 CD "I'll Remember You"and let me know what you think. It's called "God's Grace" and I hope you will like it!

Also, I've added a song from my new CD..."Wayfaring Stranger".
​Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!
my email is​​